Saturday, August 20, 2011

the web of one, rose coloured glasses and filtering

"You couldn't get functioning democracy without free information." I really like the experiment he did with the take a screen shot and see the difference between each others searches. This would be an excellent activity for students to do for an assignment. You could define a search term then get each student to search and screen shot on their own PC and another PC in the house. The next day print off and gather all the images place them on the floor and work out what you can tell from the search results that were returned. This activity could be a spring board for discussion topics such as, ethical use of user information, surveillance, privacy and the rights and responsibilities of individuals and corporations. So there you go, online video leads to lesson idea, leads to increased awareness by students and real connected teaching based on data gathered by students... hmmm might rethink my senior IT unit on social and ethical issues and the Internet.


Dom said...

Hi Nathan,

I'd be tempted to push the ethics a little and set an assignment to see what information students could find out about themselves online and someone else (not sure what would be safe, parents? other students? public identity).

The other option would be to create identities to produce specific results. I.e. creating an identity through activity which is targeted in a specific way - specific advertisers, search results etc. This could be made authentic with the ideas of testing marketing campaigns or creating identities to act as part of marketing campaigns

I love the program or be programed idea - get the students to play the system.


Nathan said...

I like the creating an identity idea this would allow students to see how the system actually works. Students would also have to create a realistic identity in order to get results that are valid and close to how 'real' identities are effected. Would be very interesting also because students are often exploring their own identities during this phase of their lives.