Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life after Moodle :( or maybe not?

I have been using Moodle for sometime now and it has been quite effective at getting teachers to engage with using ICTs in their teaching and learning. However, a recent slide-share presentation, see below, has got me thinking about the possibilities after Moodle. My work colleagues would be shocked to hear that I am contemplating learning and teaching without Moodle - because I really adore it - it has served a wonderful purpose of engaging teachers at my school and opening up the classroom, but.... maybe

I think it maybe a bit premature to walk out on Moodle for one main reason, it provides a place that my students and teachers come to to start learning. Ok at times some courses can be a bit dull but there is no reason Moodle cannot be used as a place from which to leap into the wider web and return to in order to consolidate a learning journey.

For now I will re-frame my idea of Moodle as "The Classroom" - I find that learning is happening within non-physical space and Moodle serves as a common location, a point, an island in a sea of chattering hyperlinks, images and online video.Whereas the physical classroom serves as a place for students to come together face to face, learning within a physical dynamic environment, to (be) at and with(in) a learning context rather than just attend to mentally, the physical classroom as learning embodied . In contrast Moodle often is "The Classroom" a simulation of the linearity of the Lesson Plan, a beginning a middle and an end, temporal and bound despite it social constructivist origins; I wonder has its success and malleability resulted in its becoming an antithesis to is social constructivist origins?  


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