Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Down time and space to think

The continued avalanche of data and information has created a form of confusion, more is not necessarily better. While there is lots of concern about obesity due to  over consumption and our increasingly sedentary life style of equal importance is what we consume with our minds. The proliferation of media channels does not necessarily result in greater well considered discussion. However; the global reach of technologies like the internet has greatly benefited thinkers, enabling them to reach a global audience for little cost. Perhaps we are entering an ages where good ideas grow within the very media channels that produce the mindless drivel that is in danger of swamping intelligent online conversation... Perhaps
,but it remains to be seen.

This is the book that was the origin on this blog post, I have read it and it is worth while mainly because it gives a fresh perspective on ICT usage.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Beginings and paradigm shifts, seeking a quite space

This is the YouTube clip that started it all for me. During this year my (twin) sons were born and children of my sons generation are mentioned in this clip. Now I am approaching my 40's rapidly and have charged into many things web2.0...ish it is time to pause. Yes the net is cool, yes social networking is cool, but clarity is the new horizon to aim for. Finding a quite space within the noise of data & information so one can touch wisdom is now so important. Having face to face time is now more important than ever because it is becoming a rare commodity. In music sometimes you hear the term "Less is More", and also quality not quantity is apt as well, perhaps this should be a mantra for us all to consider.

ICT, don't forget the 'C'

All to often we get excited about the 'I' and the 'T' when talking about ICT in education. This is understandable as it is easier to grasp a concept if it is embodied in an actual solid object, a laptop, iPhone or a digital camera. However,we are textual beings. We are surrounded text, texts in various forms which we absorb by osmosis and eventually we have a head full of semiotic static. Is it time to step back, pause, think then act?