Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blogs, what, why and is there a point to it all?

Everyone is so hot for twitter and Facebook so it may seem that Blogging has had it day, or has it! Unlike twitter or Facebook blogging (well at least interesting blogs) requires a longer attention span and the ability to bring together ideas and communicate them via text and images. Furthermore, blogging unlike much of our daily communicative writing gives individuals a chance to have a say, form an opinion and tell it to the world. However, often the criticism that is leveled at blogging is that you may as well be shouting at the ocean. But as more and more people shout at the ocean the sounds will be heard, yes as noise but a noise that is created by individuals. I am grateful that I can express my ideas freely and using a global medium with much greater reach than any medium I had access to as young man growing up with a head full of ideas and no place to express it. Perhaps we should see blogging as a global creative activity that consists of many seeking meaning and their voice in a time when the mass media of the past is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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