Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moodle the step by step process

A recent post ( I can't for the life of me find it !) by a Moodler talks about how often Moodles are just static sites with little interaction. While this is most probably the case in many implementations it does not mean that all Moodle sites need to be this way. This has led me to think about how we move from what I call the upload/download step to the interactive step. I tend to divide Moodle rollouts and implementations into a series of steps, this helps explain to others particularly management what is going on because I believe e-learning roll outs are slow iterative and almost organic process.

Step 1 – Getting it up and running, test it and setting up the look of the site

Step 2 – bit of content to get things going

Step 3 – cultivating your Moodle Champions

Step 4 – training, passing it onto your Champions

Step 5 – ramping up the user experience

Step 6 – users creating gravity

Step 7- retraining your Champions and getting them to pass on the knowledge

Step 8 -looking back and asking what has been achieved

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