Monday, July 13, 2009

Excuses for not using IT just got harder

Currently my wife is working with senior citizens in a retirement village. One of the residents is 101 years old and most of the other younger participants are early 80’s. What is interesting from an IT point of view is the 101 year old writes poetry and song lyrics and emails them to my wife as part of her study. My father and mother in-law both over 60 regularly use Skype to chat to their grandchildren and keep up to date with family events via Facebook. No one mentioned is in the IT industry or would consider themselves an IT expert. Therefore the excuses that are sometimes, though less so recently, from teachers that this IT Internet thing is all too hard and I am too old to change really lose their meaning.

IT training for teachers now needs to focus on how to collect, re-invent and present information gathered from the digital domain.

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