Saturday, July 4, 2009

Simulacra and Simulation AKA World Of War Craft

Game Addiction
The above posts are a salient warning to those who are drawn into the world of simulation. Some simulations – online computer games – are so seductive that they can consume the user. Simulations can become a narcotic with the user wanting more and more, but more is never enough and the simulation consumes its users. The greater the number of users that are consumed by the simulation the greater the power of the simulation. The users simulated/virtual self, embodied in an avatar, increases in importance and within the world of simulation the real self is subjugated by the virtual self.The virtual self initially a doppelganger to the real self consumes its host, the real and virtual self meld into a chimera.

But when does the relationship between the user and the simulation become chronic?

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