Wednesday, July 15, 2009

School Lap Top Program

Tomorrow I will be working with our Dean of Studies and IT support team to begin our laptop roll out to our year 8 students. It has been about a year in the planning and we are ready to go. I have had our Moodle LMS up and running for nearly a year now and teachers are beginning to get on board and the students are logging in more and more. Moodle coupled with our Click View video streaming solution, which I also manage, are a good combination to begin the schools journey into ICT integration and 21st century learning. I am sure it will not all go as planned but if we waited until all possible issues were ironed out we would never get started, so it is G O for tomorrow.

However, the government has not paid for these laptops it is the parents. It is a common mistake to think that the RUD government will pay for laptops in schools, the funding we received was to be strickly used for desktop computers. The desktops we purchased with the government grant have been welcomed by our students, parents and teachers.

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